Erren Geraud Kelly

Green Eggs And Ham

My seven year old self
home on a sick day
PB and J on white bread
with cheddar cheese
with a glass of milk
to wash away the misery
mom and i watching Nixon
on TV, singing the watergate
he later said, he'd do the dirty deed
again, if he had to....
Daddy was off at work
making a living, trying
to make love  with mama
working, too
But a free spirit's a free spirit
and so, the sky fell
sometimes, i think of the days 
before poetry, before i started
to read and think
when youth was my asylum from
reality and Dr. Seuss and Curious
George, gave me mirth with their

A French  Girl

like soft strains of debussy
she walks among the cows
timeless, as a summer morning
the girlish body, with some boy in it
graceful as satie, she strolls
paris, not as a traveler, but as a
native, who's city suits her
like her skin
ravel, rises from within  her soul
the tall woman, as much a delicacy
as the meats and cheeses, lining
the tables of montmartre
she styles her hair like lady brett
maybe a guy will see her, and be inspired
to immortalize her in verse
maybe she will take his hand
as they slowly, stroll along the
as notre dame blesses their dreams